carpet-pageAhhh, carpet, the tried and true floor covering! There is no better feeling underfoot than a soft and beautiful carpet, especially in your bedroom. Think about it…when you get out of your warm and cozy bed to start your day, rather than the shock of a cold tile or wood, it feels good to step out onto a soft and cushy carpet.

There are so many different styles, colors, and textures that only carpet can offer. It is often the go-to flooring material for those looking for a fresh and quick update for their home. The sky is the limit in terms of color, texture, length, twist, pile, feel, density and pricing. You can get a new look virtually overnight, just by replacing the carpet in your home.

We carry Shaw carpets exclusively here at Anaheim Hills Tile. Shaw is THE industry leader in carpet today, they offer an extensive choice of carpet styles, with a nearly endless selection of colors and textures that will fit within any budget.

Don’t forget about the padding! Padding alone can affect the feel of your new carpet. We can help you determine the best thickness, density, and waterproofing that is right for your home.