countertops-pageHow do you choose a countertop material for your new kitchen or bath remodel?  There are several avenues you can explore.  We have narrowed down to the best, most practical, beautiful, and available materials to choose from for your project.

We carry a wide variety of brands and materials for your consideration.  There is quartz, granite, marble, onyx, travertine, limestone and tile that we offer.  Each material has its pros and cons, and when you come in, we will help educate you on what material might be the best choice for the project.

Some of the quartz product lines we offer are:  Cambria, Pental Quartz, Caesarstone, Silestone and more.   We are certified as a retail distributor as well as fabricator for all the aforementioned lines.  This means that your product will be custom fabricated and installed by professionals that are recognized and backed by the manufacturer.  Beware of non-certified fabricators, as many outfits will “say” they’re certified, but aren’t registered or backed by the manufacturer, but instead sell products via a third party, and thus are not eligible for the manufacturer’s warranty.

Here at Anaheim Hills Tile we help you figure it all out.  We’ll guide you to what material works best within your project’s needs, your design aesthetic, and budget, so that in the end you have a beautiful and practical working design for your project.