Five Must-Haves for a Luxurious Bathroom Renovation

Five Must-Haves for a Luxurious Bathroom Renovation
18 Apr 2016

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, about 1.5 years in an average lifetime to be exact. As a result, this space should be a gorgeous place that you enjoy. If you’re ready for an update and considering a bathroom renovation, look past the simple construction requirements and think about your must-have items that will create the perfect, luxurious sanctuary.

Choose the perfect floor tile

Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up. Flooring is the foundation of your bathroom remodel. If you’re looking for an easy to clean and care for floor option, choose a porcelain tile. Avoid porous, natural stone tiles like limestone because these tend to stain with age.

If non-slip flooring is on your must-have list, choose a tile with textures or use a sand glaze to create traction. Non-slip options are great for homes with older adults or children.

When choosing a flooring option, consider the entire design concept. Opt for natural tones that blend well with your walls and shower tiles to create a cohesive look.

Add practical storage options

Bathrooms, especially the master suite, require plenty of storage space. There are practical storage solutions for every room size and shape if you plan properly. Consider using the vertical space by incorporating tall shelves and dressers to hold towels and products.

Another great option for those performing a complete rehab is creating built-ins. This type of storage space is practical and beautiful. Built-ins are excellent additions to showers to store toiletries without taking up valuable space.

Keep your bathroom remodel classy

When considering your overall design, go with classic whites and neutral tones. Keeping it natural gives you many options to spice up the room with decor pieces and accessories. Opt for white subway tiles in the shower space along with white tubs and sinks.

Don’t pigeonhole yourself with an easily outdated theme that you may grow tired of in a few years. A clean and classic foundation allows you to transform the space with new decor at any moment.

Accessibility is imperative

You may not be thinking about old age right now, but it is something to consider when remodeling your bathroom. There are many ways to create an accessible space that you appreciate right now. A walk-in shower without thresholds or curbs is easier to clean and makes your space appear larger. It also allows you to easily age in place.
Another trend is open concept tubs and shower combinations. This design option gives homeowners a beautiful design and the added room for handicap accessibility.

Don’t forget the luxury add-ons

If you’re going through the remodel process, you should treat yourself. Include a few luxury additions like the ones listed below to your space to create the ultimate sanctuary.

● In-Floor Heating
● Towel Warmers
● High-Tech Spa Showers
● Jacuzzi Soaking Tub
● Fireplace
● Television
● Sound System
● Pet-Friendly Bathing Area
● Double Vanity

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